Natural Stress Relief (NSR) meditation.

The NSR technique is a simple and effective technique to increase inner and psychophysiological wellbeing, and to decrease stress, strain, anxiety, nervousness, problems with concentration, phobias, insomnia, depression and other disorders.

This mental technique, created in 2003 as an alternative to the expensive Maharishi's TM, is simple and inexpensive. It is practiced for a few minutes every day, and has shown to be very effective for most practitioners. Some scientific researches, conducted since 2005, have confirmed the validity of NSR.

Scientific research.

Some studies were about what happens during practicing the technique, while other ones were about the effects in the daily life. Please read the GSR research, the brainwave research, and the research on trait anxiety (with two studies published on international peer-reviewed journals).
Reduce anxiety and stress
During the practice of NSR, a strong increase of the skin electric resistance occurs (Galvanic Skin Response, GSR): this indicates a noticeable decrease of anxiety. The brainwaves show to be very orderly, with a strong alpha wave at 11 cycles per second in the central and frontal areas of the brain, while standard relaxation with closed eyes shows occasional alpha patterns only in the occipital area (rear of the head).

In daily life, the practitioners usually show a remarkable reduction of anxiety, more clarity of mind, general satisfaction and a feeling of self-actualization.
The image on the left shows a strong and fast increase in the skin electric resistance (GSR) during the NSR practice.

Overcome your problems and live a better life.

Please read the testimonials and the several informations about NSR meditation on this website and other ones, such as, that manages the harcopy version of the NSR material.

Reduce anxiety and stress.

"A surprisingly simple technique."
"The data were incontrovertible. Practitioners brought about striking physiologic changes."
Herbert Benson, M.D.
From the book "The relaxation response", 1975, about the TM technique,
that is similar to NSR meditation but much more expensive.

The key to clean your nervous system.

"It's incredible that doing something so simple, for a few minutes every day, such results are achieved."

R.H., physicist and former TM teacher
(main contributor in the development of NSR)

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